Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Morning Post

I feel a bit weird posting without any new art, but I only have ideas rattling around in my head right now, not quite on paper yet. I ordered the postcards for my very first mailing yesterday (many thanks to my husband for helping me, and to Christina for her great advice!). I went with my Cheese Cake illustration- here's hoping the cards turn out great! Found great rates with, so that was awesome! Also, I submitted some samples to a local card company and also to Hallmark cards (thanks to my friend Jen!) so we'll see what happens there. Looking forward to the CBIG meeting on Saturday, thanks for visiting the blog!


Rachel said...

Good luck with everything Ookie! Can't wait to hear how everything goes. CC

Nina Crittenden said...

Thanks, CC! I'll definitely keep you posted! Have a groovy weekend!