Monday, September 15, 2008

Chapter One

After being contacted by Alma Little, sending in sketches, and signing the contract; I am now starting to work on the storyboard and layout for the book. I feel a bit relieved because everyone I have talked to at Alma Little has been extremely nice and helpful. Plus, I can always count on my wonderful art friends for advice and support. The artist's reception for the gallery show was nice, and I did a lot of painting this weekend (in my kitchen and dining room). I am bummed that my mentorship with Christina is almost over, and I am excited for the next mentorship winner because they will get a chance to work with Shawn McCann. So cool.


Shawn McCann said...

Hello Nina. Great to hear that you are getting things started with Alma Little. You will do a great job with the book and look forward to seeing the illustrations you do. It was also great meeting your family at the opening last weekend.

Nina said...

It was really nice to see you, too, Shawn! We actually got to chat a bit, it was nice. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement! My kids LOVE your books!