Friday, December 5, 2008


Hey, people! My youngest daughter (who is catching a cold) has been all about her stuffed kitty this week. This is another bloggie from the book sketches. Our van is back from the shop and looks much better, and we got an estimate on replacing our garage door. Whatever. I hope to finish the house I am working on today, have been addressing the envelopes for our Christmas cards, and putting out Christmas decorations this week. I think that they are putting the sketches into the book layout with the text now, so it will be cool to see how it all comes together and find out what I need to change so things flow better. I still can't believe that it is December and that another year is drawing to a close. Have a great weekend!


aimee said...

wow, you really did some damage, huh? now i feel a smidge badly because i got a laugh out of it, and it's so something i would do.

what a sweet little kitten - can't wait to show it to my daughter :)

Nina said...

Please don't feel bad, Aimee. It was kind of funny. I'm sure I'll laugh about it someday!