Thursday, January 29, 2009


I have been doing some painting lately... and so have my kids! My oldest daughter just turned six, and I painted some outlines of penguins, seals, and polar bears on canvases for them to paint at the kid party. It was really fun watching them all create (and it was weird to see them sit quietly instead of running around like maniacs). I will post a coloring page next time with the aforementioned winter creatures.


Anonymous said...

What a fun activity for their party! Can't wait to see your coloring page.

aimee said...

we're having an "art heart party" this weekend for the girls to decorate valentines and make cupcakes - i hope ours goes as smoothly as yours!

Nina Crittenden said...

The coloring page is ready! The "art heart party" sounds great! Hope you post some pics!