Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I spill my guts

Finally, finally finished the painting I have been working on (pages 10&11). There was a lot more detail in it than I realized. I am another year older now, and am trying to get grounded again. My friend, Christina, was doing a blog-a-day thingy, so I got all caught up in checking blogs every day. I am an enthusiastic friend- very excited to see what people are working on, how they are doing, and so on... If you are my friend, you probably already know this about me. I am happy to make new friends and meet new people. I really like pretty much everyone I meet. Plus, everyone I have met in the children's book community has been so nice, so it is both heartening and encouraging. Scaling back to checking blogs once a week, we'll see how that goes.... Illustration Friday was a new fun thing to try, I look forward to submitting something again sometime. I feel very fortunate to be illustrating this wonderful story I am working on. Seriously. It is an amazing, fantastic opportunity and a dream come true. I am nervous/excited to maybe be a part of a gallery show in March, and am gearing up to send out another promotional postcard. Had a nightmare about postcards, actually, the other night. Was really weird, there were dead people trying to get me to mail 500-some-odd postcards for them (and I was going to have to buy all the stamps, for crying out loud!). Well, that about covers everything up until now, I guess. Many, many thanks to the wonderful people out there who visit my little old blog. It means a lot to me. Thanks!
p.s. The Brady poll is closing tomorrow...any suggestions for future polls????


Sharon Wagner said...

Congratulations on finishing pages 10-11. Being an artist I totally understand the euphoria. I also liked your dipiction of gus by the way. And with a wounded hand as well!

aimee said...

i'm so glad you jumped into illustration friday! p.s. i voted for jan.

Nina Crittenden said...

Sharon- it was just a flesh wound, but thanks for your support. Aimee, IF was really fun!
p.s. I voted for Bobby :)