Friday, July 31, 2009

Tortoise Time

This is a tortoise that I sketched at the MNSCBWI Como Zoo field trip earlier this month. Get ready for a random animal factoid from Nina: Not all "turtles" are turtles! A tortoise has stumpy-type feet and lives primarily on land, a turtle mainly lives in the water and has flipper-like feet for swimming, and a terrapin can live on land and in the water (but always near the water) and their feet have claws and webbing. Check out the San Diego Zoo website for more cool turtle information!


nina seven said...

i like your turtle, nina, and I didn't know all those "turtle facts" either! thanks for your comment on my IF entry, it was a quickie, i haven't felt much like working since i finished my book. i hope i can get my mojo back soon!

Sharon Wagner said...

I love factoids!