Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lost and Found

Here is something new I drew for Project OpenBook. It is an amazing collaborative effort to create poems and illustrations to help young girls in Nepal. The poem I illustrated is called Lost and Found and you can even vote on it if you'd like to! It was so fun to work in black and white! Quiet joy. Blissful, even. I absolutely loved it! If you feel like contributing a poem or illustrating one, check it out! Happy Thursday!!!
p.s. Kelly Light's Ripple project is making waves! Over $500 raised so far to help wildlife!


Johanna Urban said...

Lovley illustration(s)! Lovley blog :)

Johanna, Sweden

Christy said...


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading the poem. Great black and white illustration for it.

Now I know where all my missing socks go. Wonder what the name is of the little man that is hiding in my pantry??

aimee said...

it's super! is this the grayscale drawing you were talking about? is this the one that ate all of my socks?

Nina Crittenden said...

Thanks for stopping by, Johanna!
Christy, Thank you! I love yours, too!!!
Susanne- with many missing socks, wonder if you have many little guys running around at your house??? :)
Aimee- It is, indeed!