Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Peek at Mural 2

Happy Wednesday! Thought I'd quickly post the little sketches I did for Mural 2 (including a unicorn I drew a while back that never found a home!). I was instructed to include (along with the unicorn), a baby fox, Baby Gordy, Gus the cat, and a mother bunny and some baby bunnies. My client is adorable and infinitely patient (as I finished her sister's room a good month ago), so it is nice that we are moving forward again. Sending off my registration today for KidLit Con 2010 that will be here in Minneapolis on October 23, so that will be cool. I am busy now printing up new art samples for my portfolio so it will be extra spiffy for my portfolio review on Oct 2 at the MNSCBWI Fall Conference. It is nice that the more conferences I attend, the less jittery I feel beforehand. I still end up with a ooey gooey brain when the conference is over, but I recover more quickly now. :) It is so great to get all that great information, to hear amazing and talented speakers, to walk away feeling so inspired! And so fun to spend a day with kid book friends!!!!


Anonymous said...

Amazing as always, Nina!

Your illustrations are sweet + magical + I believe in your unicorns!

Karen [genie]

Ps - my word verify [below] is:

I may pee...

Diandra Mae said...

Fun stuff, Nina! That unicorn is so magical! I bet your girl is so excited to finally get her turn. :)

And I agree about the conference prep. The more I do, the more confident I feel about them, too. I don't think we can help the info overload hangovers we get afterward though. Just the price we pay for having a great time!

Sharon Wagner said...

I'm leaving a comment to let you know I sneaked a peak. So cute!

aimee said...

i hope that unicorn finds a home! it's adorable!

Julissa said...

Happy almost birthday to Baby Gordy! He is adorable!!! :)