Friday, December 3, 2010


My New Year's Resolution was to read more books, specifically for myself. I am very proud to report that I have read five books this year! Cool, right? :) We read picture books by the boatload at my house and are starting to read some middle grade (and YA for me). Books for grown-ups have their appeal, of course, and I have some in the queue. As anyone who knows me knows, I am generally sunny. Writing in-depth, thoughtful, comprehensive book reviews would be pretty pointless because giving glowing reviews is pretty much all I'd want to do... so here are the books I read this year and a little bit about why I loved them:
The Art and Flair of Mary Blair was a wonderful biography. Her work was brilliant, vivid, and inspired (and I never read biographies).
Thirteen Reasons Why had me wanting to find out what would happen next, and not wanting to find out what would happen next... and wanting my kids to never grow up.
I sat down with The Invention of Hugo Cabret one lovely afternoon when my kids were getting along famously and devoured it. It is absolutely magical.

Shiver is a book for all your senses. Well-written and compelling. I can't wait to read the sequel.
Stargirl was fantastic. The last book that made me cry when I read it was Little Women, and that says a lot.
Oh, I bet you are wondering what Readmill is all about... I started reading books while walking on the treadmill! It has been working out great! 2 mph is a great speed to read (so the book doesn't bounce around too much). Don't worry, I promise not to ever walk and knit! Hahaha


Jennifer Thermes said...

Good list of books! And I love the "readmill" idea. Must do that...

aimee said...

nina, these look like great reads! this is the time of year i curl up in a ball and read nearly nonstop - i'll check out some of these!

Anonymous said...

Also, is a great way to motivate you to read more books =)