Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello, 2011!

Last year is all tied up with a bow. This New Year is full of possibility and promise. Just finished writing a big long list of the things I'd like to accomplish this year.... what's on your list?
Here's to 2011! Cheers!!!


Loni Edwards said...

Happy New Year Nina! I posted my personal resolutions on my blog. Besides those, I have a few biz things I'd like to do like promo mailers, marketing. Basically the same thing I did last year, just more! :) I hope 2011 is wonderfully creative for the both of us! Keep warm! It's -35 windchill here. BRRRR

Nina Crittenden said...

Brrrrr, is right! That is awfully cold weather, Loni! Here's to great art friends and a fab 2011! :)

Christina Rodriguez said...

#PBDummy Challenge!

Joan Holub said...

I've got a list to get me going. It just goes through January, with projects to get out for each week. Wish me luck!

Happy 2011, Nina!

Nina Crittenden said...

I'll be right there with you, Christina!

Good Luck, Joan! Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy 2011 to you, too!