Monday, August 29, 2011

And to All a Good Knight!

The book event was a great success! Meeting Elizabeth in person was a real treat, she just couldn't be sweeter!
The room was full of adorable kids. Here are the backs of some of their heads as Betty read to them from Cedric and the Dragon. Note to reader: I barely moved during the whole thing, I felt like the little bunny who freezes in the grass and just hopes no one sees her. haha
Look at these young artists! After I showed them how to draw the dragon from the book (you can see a bit of it on the dry erase board), they gave it a go. Brace yourselves, people. The following photos are just a sampling of the incredibly fierce and adorable dragons that the kids created. Special thanks to everyone who joined us on our fun dragon day! Thank you!!!


Sharon Wagner said...

You could do a whole lemon tooty thing with all that new kids art. Of course you have already created the one and only Nina dragon. It must have been fun to have the kids give it their all!

Julissa Mora said...

This is so great Nina! Must of felt so nice to be there for a reading and see the kids reaction to the book.