Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ink a Bink a Bottle of Ink

Here is a work-in-progress pic of what's on the drawing board these days. Transferring and inking 82 spot illustrations for a piano music book. This one is called "Leaping in Ballet Class." This project has been the most fun! Great mental exercise for the ol' bean trying to come up with little pictures to go with the cute titles I've been given, and the people I'm working with couldn't be more amazing if they tried. It makes me feel so good to hear how happy they've been with my little drawings and they have been so patient with me (a non-piano player) when I get some (er, most) of the technique-based illustrations wrong (yay for revisions!). Just feeling extremely fortunate to work with such kindhearted people, I feel like that little leaping frog! Looking forward to working on the next four books in the series after I finish this one (and I'll for sure let you know when they come out). Thanks for stopping by, I hope this finds you well!

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laurasalas said...

Adorable, Nina! And this sounds like a great project--you're having fun and learning stuff, too. What could be better?