Thursday, October 18, 2012

Make The World A Better Place

This is a page from The Gardener (one of my very favorite picture books). Sarah Stewart and David Small were in town last weekend as keynote speakers for the Minnesota SCBWI Fall Conference. I feel so lucky that I got a chance to hear them speak about how they work, both together and separately. David and Sarah are both exceedingly humble and kind, the world is a better place for having them in it.

Everything Octopus was kind enough to feature Daniel Day Octopus over at their fab blog. Be sure to visit, they post the coolest articles and videos and find the most amazing octo gear! Cephalophiles rule!

Lastly but not leastly, the first in the series of piano music books that I have been illustrating was recently published! I'll have a giveaway when I get my copies, until then, here is the link to the book on the FJH Music Company's website!

Cooking up all sorts of fun stuff over here, hope this finds you well! xoxo


Anonymous said...

giant congratulations on th music book being published, nina! i love your illustrations.... someday i will stumble across a blog that says they were blessed to hear nina c, th keynote speaker, talk about her work!

good things to you + yours!

Sharon Wagner said...

I couldn't decide what David/Sarah book to buy. But selected, "The Quiet Place" "The Friend" was the book that started my children's illustration career. A potential self publisher loved David's style. Which or course I didn't even try to duplicate. And didn't get the job. But the rest is history.