Friday, November 9, 2012

Lemurs + Cichlid + Crocodile = Blog Post

Found this in my little travel sketchbook and thought it might be fun to share it. I am especially fond of how the lemurs turned out! Hope all is well with you, I am having a pretty good day. Finished reading The Night Circus (it was enchanting), having my second cup of tea, and working on my book dummy. I guess today is a good idea day because I have been having all sorts of things come to mind. Love days like this. Think I might have come up with a good idea for Tomie's contest, so we'll see if I can get it to come together... Best wishes to you for a terrific weekend!


Sharon Wagner said...

Good luck with your good idea!

laurasalas said...

Ugh on the croc (I have a gator/croc phobia), but I like the lemurs. Hope you come up with something great for the Tomie contest! And share it:>)