Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cutie Marks

Yesterday after my kids came home from school, they were having a snack and watching My Little Pony. My eldest said that my cutie mark (if I were a little pony) would be Organization. I thought that was interesting, as I was sitting at my desk assembling folders for the upcoming MNSCBWI Fall Conference. Here is a pic from yesterday with my little helper, Gordy:
While I was essentially trapped at my desk chair by folders and papers and boxes and the dog, I guess I could see a bit of the method behind the madness. Of course, I am totally worried about missing things and making mistakes with all of the conference registration and folders. What if I forget to include someone's manuscript review time?!? So, I have been triple-checking everything, and I will just hope for the best. In my own life, I am not quite as organized, but I really wish I was. I read once that Albert Einstein had a very messy desk and he was a genius, so that made me feel a little better. I guess all we can ever do is do our best, and in the end, that just has to be enough. *fingers crossed*
Back to the ponies: We also discussed if we'd rather be a regular pony, a unicorn, or a pegasus. I knew that answer right away because being able to fly has been the superpower I have always longed for. If I were a pony, I would totally be Fluttershy. Not sure what my cutie mark would be, probably one for making up lame jokes...

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