Monday, August 2, 2010

Dragon Coloring Page

Happy Monday! How are ya!?! I was lucky enough to chat with Elizabeth Raum, the author of Cedric and the Dragon, this weekend. She has a couple book events coming up and was wondering if I would make a dragon coloring page! So fun! (Click on it to enlarge and/or print!)

The reviews are already rolling in:
"I think it's great!" (my five-year-old)
"It's very cute and very, very fun to color!" (my seven-year-old)

This week, we have a break from summer camp, so I hope to make more progress on mural number one and have a portrait to finish. Hope all is well on your end! Happy Coloring!!!


Sharon Wagner said...

"I love to sit on it. And the book's corners look real tasty" Who's that Gus character? What a handsome fellow! As for Cedric, that cutie can hug me anytime." review posted 8/2/10 by my cat Hana.

Eren said...

This looks wonderful Nina! I'm going to print it out for my daughter to color. :)

AtelierBrigitte said...

This is so cute!

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture to color!