Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mural One=Done!!!

Hope you read the previous mural post because I am jumping right back in where we left off last... The big horse (Lily) took a little while to paint (Pooh Bear Yellow, DC1A-30-2). I accidentally painted her ears and muzzle the same color as the purple flowers (A Wave of the Wand, DC2A-20-2) and was thinking it looked awful until I painted over it (ha). The other flowers are Oh Bother Blue (DC3C-30-3) and the centers are Sunny Spot (DC1B-10-5). Oh, the black paint is Mouse Ears (DC4B-10-5). The nice folks at Home Depot mixed up all the colors with the Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint (has the primer baked in). THAT was a HUGE time saver.
And here is the stable. The horse on the left will be white and Honey Butter (320C-3), the horse on the right is a mystery. Oooo... Trees are Friendly Forest (DC4B-60-5) and I have a sneaking suspicion that there was not primer in the paint...
Gave Lily a nice pink for her ears and muzzle (Powdered Blush, 130C-1) and started painting her mane white (took quite a few coats to cover up the green grass).
And now for the big reveal: Lily out to pasture next to the closet (same color as the purple flowers).
The stable (Owls House, DC2C-80-4) with Mirabelle and Patches. Oh, the tree trunk is Buzz Beta Sector, (DC1A-50-2).
This is the wall opposite the big horse in all it's glory!
The bedroom door with Gus and Gordy off in the distance.
The mare is a mixture of Owls House and Buzz Beta Sector. Her name is Daisy and the foal is Prancer.
Gordy and Gus Gus.
Here we leave the room and get ready to move next door for the "Nature Room with a Unicorn!" Oh, and I kept track of the time we spent painting just for kicks, and I logged in about 30 hours and Alex probably painted for about 6. I am happy with how it turned out and the kids love it, so it's all good! Thanks to everyone who has been cheering me on, it really helped a ton! I'd also like to thank my friend Linnell (who is an amazing artist and muralist), who was kind enough to give me the skinny on what kind of paint to buy!


Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

looks amazing Nina! What a project, whew! All those hours =totally worth it :-)

Anonymous said...

oh my! nina, that is wonderful! such a giant job but »so« very worth it! i am certain your daughter loves it so much [+ th other cannot wait until her mural is done]! wee puggordy + cat are nice touches! i am happy that you documented this [for your sake] + shared it [for our sake]!


sweet dreams for certain!


aimee said...

wow! what a treat for your daughter's room... well worth all the hours you've put into it! i love the label "tired nina"!

Joy Steuerwald said...

Wow!! This is amazing Nina! I know you're probably doing this out of love, but you should totally pursue mural painting! You'd be big!!

Eren said...

Wow Nina!! Soooo amazing! What a wonderful mom and artist you are! :)

nina seven said...

what a fabulous job, nina! your kiddos are so lucky to have a mom like you! i hope they tell you that all the time.

Casey G. said...

beautiful work Nina!

Tineke Meirink said...

Wow! Looks really great, but I guess it was some job to do! Your daughter is a lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

I love it. Hana will have such great horse dreams in that room

Dana said...

WoW! So wonderful.

Bravo, Nina! I'd ask what you do for an encore but I already know: Good Luck with Mural #2!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. What a lucky girl your daughter is.

Have a great weekend!

Chris said...

Hi Nina, your talent is absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing the entire process. Normally, I'd say you make it look easy, but clearly, so much effort goes into it.

By the way, we bought our copy of Cedric and the Dragon and we will be reading it to our daughter, Isla this weekend. Thanks again!