Monday, March 28, 2011

Horse & Rider

Good Monday Morning! What have I been up to lately? How kind of you to ask!
Working out a new postcard and getting new art together to update the ol' website. The above sketch has been transformed into a lovely b&w illo that I will share soon. I really have to say that black and white illustration has a certain charm that I thoroughly enjoy. It is the shades of gray that appeal to me most, I think, because that is where I tend to bide my time. Some folks run hot and cold, and I admire their passion and conviction. It takes an awful lot to rile me up, so you'll find me at a pleasant lukewarm most days. I am feeling excited and a little scared about this next postcard because I am going to end up sharing my sense of humor. My family and friends know me too well, but what will the unsuspecting art directors think??? *gulp*
Hope that you are doing well! Have a wonderful day! Love, Nina

Monday, March 14, 2011


Hello, There! There has been a lot going on at my house as of late. I read a post over at Andi Butler's blog and it put a little idea in the back of my mind. A short while later, I got a catalog in the mail and saw this lovely green cabinet. It snowballed a little from there into a couple new pieces of furniture and much-needed new carpeting for our four-season porch (my "studio" is tucked away in a corner). Here are some pics for you:
The green cabinet replaced an old sideboard that I had been using to store supplies. Much more storage space. Didn't take any photos of *inside* the cabinet because I still have some organizing to do... Things are almost back to normal around here.The cabinet is almost the exact same shade of green as the wall color. Cool, huh?Here is my new little bookshelf! I parked it right behind a chair and it actually helps frame my space. Just finished reading Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer Holm, it was spunky and charming. I loved it.The new carpet is Gordy and Gus Gus approved! They are becoming better friends every day. This is just about the cutest picture ever! I am excited to create more art in our spiffy "new" porch! Getting ready for a new postcard mailer... Thanks for reading! Happy Monday!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ice, Ice, Baby!

A lovely Mom friend asked me if I would make a little logo for her son's hockey team. I really enjoy using a limited palette, and it was fun to drop in color in photoshop for a little change of pace... In other news, my little "studio" space is getting a wee upgrade! Will post pics as soon as all the changes take place. Hope that everything is great with you, thank you for visiting! Have a groovy weekend!!!