Friday, December 1, 2017


I wonder if my husband would notice if there were a few more pugs around here???

Happy December! Just finished up another music book yesterday so I'm loving that sweet feeling of wrapping up a project. I have a few other things that I'm going to get back to now, so that is pretty fun. My art group got together this week and one of the gals was talking about making a list of the things you've accomplished this year and goals for the next. I hadn't ever thought about looking back on what I'd done, I'm usually too busy trudging forward. Here goes:

Posted every other Friday for The Sketchables
Volunteered as a field trip illustrator with the Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute
Turned in the final artwork for The Three Little Pugs
Illustrated 3 piano music books for The FJH Music Company 
Created a piece of art for the 2018 Bookmark Literary Calendar
Updated my website and portfolio with some new art
Donated a piece of art to The Plum Creek Online Auction
Volunteered for and attended the MNSCBWI Annual Conference
Sent out a new postcard (it had been a while!)
Participated in Inktober 2017
Revised a dummy and sent it to my agent
Went to a local writing retreat in August and one in PA in November
Working on writing and sketching new ideas 
PLUS keeping up with my teenagers, pets, husband, family, friends :)

That is a nice list! I feel kind of proud of myself now. Now I need to make a few goals for myself for the New Year (need to let that percolate for a bit).  I hope that you feel proud of yourself when you reflect on the past year, it isn't always easy being a human and things get away from us sometimes... Best wishes to you as we roll into the New Year! xoxo
Gordy and Jilly on the lake this summer