Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nina Update

Hello! The past couple months have been a little busy.
I finished all of the interior art for Chicken Lily late November. I love how it turned out!

(this is Tad, one of Chicken Lily's classmates)

In December my family went on an amazing trip to Austria (my very first time leaving the country!).

(view of the Alps from our hotel window in Innsbruck)

We were invited to hear Helen Marlais and her husband Arthur Campbell perform at the Mozarthaus in Vienna. It was completely enchanting. Helen and Arthur performed a piece written by Timothy Brown, so that was an extra special treat. Helen and Tim are the composers of the piano music book series that I have been illustrating and are both delightful, amazing, talented artists whom I absolutely adore. It was so wonderful to finally meet them in person!

(Helen, Nina, Tim)

It has been a blur of Christmastime, winter break, and back to school ever since we returned home. I feel like I am finding my center again, which really feels great! I will hear back soonish on ideas for the Chicken Lily cover and am working on a little piece for Valentine's Day and a new book dummy idea in the meantime. My hope is to post here a little more regularly in this brand-new year. Here's wishing you all the best in 2015! xo Nina