Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Garden Bear

Waiting patiently for Spring to arrive...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

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Here is my new postcard, hot off the presses! My first attempt moonlighting as a reporter and a staff photographer at a pretend newspaper... The idea popped into my head one night when I was brushing my teeth. It was fun researching The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and also poring over our local newspaper to try to catch all the details that would make it look as authentic as a pretend article would. It was printed on newsprint, even! One of the publishers I am mailing this to is actually located in Tarrytown, NY.
Coincidence? Yes.
Cool? You betcha!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Guest Post at The Sketchables

Once again, I have been honored to contribute over at The Sketchables while the very sweet and talented Joy Steuerwald is busy snuggling her new baby! Congratulations, Joy!!!
The theme I was given was Easter. Get it??? E + Stir = Easter *hahaha*
Many thanks to Kelly, Diandra, Priscilla, Heather, and Joy for inviting me to make a cameo appearance!
p.s. You can now "like" Cedric and the Dragon on facebook! Yay!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011


I finally painted a picture frame for my niece, Blair. It was supposed to be a new baby gift, and she is two years old now... She is such a cutie, and so is her big sister, Megan. I just love being an Auntie!

Just for You: More adorable pet photos from Nina's House
Gus Gus has since taken to lounging comfortably in Gordy's bed...
And Gordy has figured out how to squeeze himself into the cat's bed! HA!