Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Back To School

The kids went back to school yesterday. Our summer was a good one. We went on a fun family road trip and got some stuff done around the house that we have been meaning to do for ages.

The list of things I'd like to accomplish now that school has started is long and I am eager to tackle it! I have a little piece of art to make for the Bookmark Literary 2018 calendar, an illustration to finish for an intensive at the MNSCBWI Annual Conference, a handful of commissions to work on, and am working on sketches for a board book dummy that I am expanding into a picture book dummy.

If you are looking for a fun family event, hope to see you at the Minnesota Children's Book Festival. I'll have a shift in the "So, You Want To Be An Illustrator" tent drawing with the kiddies (my friend, Stephen Shaskan, will be there, too). It is a really great festival with non-book things, too, like raptors, Bug Guys, and marble games. Check out the author/illustrator lineup, it's top notch!

Oh, and be sure to visit the Plum Creek Online Auction to bid on artwork by children's book illustrators (including three little pugs). The auction opens on September 17th.

Looking forward to the Q & Ray launch party this Saturday at the Red Balloon! Hope that all is well with you, thanks for stopping by!

Happy reading, writing, drawing, and back-to-schooling!