Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Herman

This is a starling nestling...
Not to be confused with Clarice Starling...

My favorite neighbor Jo-Anne found this little bird at her Mom's house. It had fallen from it's nest that was way too high to reach. She brought it home with her to take to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota. Jo knows I am a sucker for wildlife, so we made it a little home so it could stay the night until the clinic opened the next morning.

We did not know what kind of a bird it was, so I began to call it "Baby Herman." Baby Herman made it through the night and is now at the WRC in the hands of some of the hardest working animal lovers I have ever met. I had a rotation at the WRC when I was in vet tech school- it was so cool! I loved working with the birds, terrapins, baby squirrels, and even got to feed a mealworm to a bat! Visit the WRC website to learn more about what they do!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Just about to make strawberry shortcakes and homemade lemonade (and wondering if it is going to rain...). Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Shoo Fly. . . Don't Bother Me

So there I was the other night, happily painting another illustration. Then, these teeny-weeny little bugs started showing up. Buzzing around and then landing on my painting... in my paint... they were everywhere! I couldn't brush them away for fear that I'd end up with bug guts on the paper, so I had to just let them be. It was funny and annoying at the same time. Reminded me of a story my friend Amy told me about a box elder bug walking across one of her oil paintings. In other news, I brought a story to MNSCBWI meet-up on Tuesday night and no one hated it, so I look forward to polishing it up and putting together a dummy to see what happens. Only 5 more illustrations to go, and then I'll be done working on the book. It is weird because part of me is excited to meet my deadline and the other part of me is sad to be done with it because it had been such a great experience and I just love the story and all the characters.
Here's hoping all of you have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Watch the Birdie

Here is a little bit from the back cover of the book. It is Tuesday according to the calendar, but I have been thinking it has been Wednesday all day. Hope to finish another painting in the next few days, so that will be good. According to our latest poll, most people seem to need more Cheetos these days. In a goodwill gesture, I am bringing Cheetos to my daughter's soccer game tomorrow night as a "healthy" snack.
p.s. Hi, Angie!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Blue Cheese

When I was painting last week, I mixed up a hearty supply of blue for the sky, and then saw this face looking up at me from the paint dish. It has a Mona Lisa quality: smiling, yelling, laughing.... who knows? I laughed my butt off, I can tell you that! Have a great weekend, everybody!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses

Look what I got for Mother's Day! Aren't they lovely! Even though hybrid tea roses are a pain in the neck to grow in Minnesota, they are totally worth the effort! We had quite a few roses at our old house (and before we had kids). My sister even referred to us as "The Gardening Geeks." Back to painting.....
p.s. What About Bob? was the winner in the Fave Bill Murray Film Poll!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day

Here's To: Your Mom, Your Friend's Mom, Sisters, Grandmothers, Great-Grandmothers, Aunts, Cousins, New Moms, Old Moms, Moms-to-Be, Moms-to-Maybe Someday, Mothers Who Have Lost Children, Children Who Have Lost Mothers, Mothers Near, Mothers Far, Moms Here On Earth, and Moms Who We Wish Were Still Here.... Happy Mother's Day!!!

From scooping ice cream at Bridgemans to prepping animals for surgery; being a Mom has been the most important, craziest, weirdest, funniest job I have ever had. Ever!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Holy Smokes!

My apologies for the sub-standard photo quality- but I had to show you something hot off the presses (couldn't resist the pun)! Can you tell that I grew up with a Dad who LOVED street rods? He had a 1932 Ford Victoria and we used to go to the Street Rod Nationals and Back to the Fifties at the MN State Fairgrounds with him every year. Some day I might get bold and paint flames on my minivan.... If you have a moment check out a guy who really knows how to paint flames- his work is outstanding!
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Heart Spring (and Gilles)!

We had a great day doing yardwork today- and the kids played they little hearts out. Finished pages 20&21 today, I'll post a bit of it next time. I am going to pop some popcorn and veg out in front of the tv tonight. The only question is, what should I watch.... What about Bob?
p.s. Looks like most of us are rooting for Gilles. I have to say I was sad to see Chuck go, and so were my kids. One daughter is rooting for Shawn, the other for Ty. I am glad Melissa didn't get voted off the show, I like her a lot, too. Heck, I want them all to win!