Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Employee of the Month

Well, it sure was pretty nice to be recognized for my hard work today. Summer is zipping by, can't really believe it is nearly August already. Along with keeping up with the kids, I am happy to report that I finished the new art for my next postcard and have started creating some line art for a series of violin music books. I played the violin very briefly when I was little and have no memory of it, so here's hoping I might remember traces of it on a cellular level... Oh, and I baked that cherry cobbler!

Monday, July 1, 2013


This is a teensy bit of what I am working on for my next postcard. I hope to someday make buttery croissants from scratch and can't wait to attempt a brioche. My kids are home for summer vacation and we are enjoying our lazy busy days together. I am determined to weed and mulch forgotten flowerbeds and make more art and find time to daydream and play frisbee and read and spend time with friends and fam. And also bake a gorgeous cherry cobbler. Happy Summer!