Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Break

We checked out a garter snake at our local library on Monday.
Had a fun time playing with cousins on Tuesday and went to the Minnesota Zoo on Wednesday. What a fabulous bullfrog. Don't you just love him! The herps on the Minnesota Trail are my faves. I also luv that there are three different otter species at the MN Zoo. All of the critters were out and about, which was super lucky. Except for the armadillo, which is asleep every single time I've ever been to the zoo.... O_o
On Thursday, we went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to visit our friends Shawn McCann and Henri Matisse.  Shawn painted a fun Matisse photo booth and murals. He is amazing!
(This is Shawn)
We found an fabulous million dollar car,  
 located my favorite painting,
and ran into the one and only Kate diCamillo in the Matisse exhibit! 
She was super nice and chatted with my kids about dogs.

Friday brought a foot of fresh snow and more play time with cousins. I participated in Sketch Dailies for the first time and had fun sketching Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes. 
It was a very nice vacation and we are really looking forward to 
warmer temps next week! Aloha!