Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Chipmunks and COVID

My last blog post was before COVID19 rolled into town. So many things happening around the world; my heart is breaking for all the lives we have lost to the pandemic already and for those who will still lose their lives in the coming days, weeks, and months. My heart is hurting for George Floyd and his family and I am doing all I can to read and learn and try to be a better human. Counting my blessings each and every day and so thankful that my little family has so far been healthy. Creatively speaking, this has been an exceptionally hard time. This chipmunk didn't even hit my sketchbook until early July. It has been hard to draw, hard to think, and I am giving myself a break and trying not to put extra pressure on myself because it is all just too much. Spending time outside helps. Knitting helps. I'm not sure if anyone even reads blogs anymore... If you are reading this, I hope it finds you healthy and safe. Take good care of yourself. Be well. xoxoxo

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